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Custom Printed Static Window Cling Decals

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Static Window Decals

Static Decals
These custom printed static window decals are made of .007" white or clear static adhering material designed application on the inside or outside of glass. Static window cling material uses no adhesive, yet holds firmly in place. This product can be easily removed and reapplied.

  • One Color And Multi-Color Printing
  • White, Or Clear Vinyl Material
  • Applies To The Inside Or Outside Of Windows
  • Custom Die Cutting Available

Production Time:
Approximately 9 days (does not include shipping time, or possible art time).

Static Decal Prices
One factor that determines the price of static window decals is the size in square inches. Use the calculator below to determine square inches of the stickers you need to order. Use decimals for fractions. Example: For 1/2" use .5".

Sticker height: X width:   = Square Inches:

Prices listed below are per static decal and are based on size, quantity and number of colors printed. The price with a one color print is listed. The cost for each additional color is listed directly below it. Add the cost of one additional color for a white base on clear decals.
Call us at 800-859-1975 for full color static window cling prices or for assistance with prices and ordering.

There is a one time $140.00 setup charge for four color process static decals.

Additional Ordering Information:
  • The minimum order is 50 for custom one color and multi-color static decals. 
  • Any art charges will be added to the invoice after we receive your order and determine if any art is provided, or if we need to create the art for you. Any art charges depend on what we are given for artwork and what we need to do to make it print ready. We charge $55.00 per hour for artwork. Click here for more instructions on sending art.
  • If you are providing art, it can be mailed or emailed. Email art to:
  • White is a printed color on clear decals. White must be printed behind all colors when printing on clear material. The cost of one additional color will be added to the order.
  • There is a one time charge for custom die cutting of $164.00 for special shapes 143 square inches or less. There is no die cutting charge for stickers with square cut corners like squares, or rectangles, or for circles sized in 1/2" increments like 2" diameter, 2 1/2"diameter, 3"diameter, etc. There would be a one time die cutting charge for a 2 3/4" diameter sticker.
  • An invoice will be made after your order is submitted. Any additional art charges, set up charges, custom die cutting charges, etc., will be added to the invoice at this time. The invoice will be faxed to you for final approval. If you don't provide a fax number we will email you with your total cost.

If you need stickers that are larger than those listed above, please e-mail us for a quote.

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