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Custom Stickers

Custom Decals

Custom Vinyl Stickers
Any size or shape stickers custom printed with any text or artwork up to 3 colors. Custom stickers are screen printed with permanent,
pressure-sensitive adhesive. These durable decals are suitable
for outdoor use. For window stickers, clear material must be
used and a white base print will be needed.


  • One Color And Multi-Color Printing On White, Yellow,
    Or Clear Vinyl
  • UV Inks And Weather Resistant Vinyl And Inks
  • Great For Outdoor And Indoor Use
  • Custom Die Cutting Available

Custom Sticker Prices
One factor that determines the price of custom stickers is the size in square inches. Use the calculator below to determine square inches of the stickers you need to order. Use decimals for fractions. Example: For 1/2" use .5".

Sticker height: X width:   = Square Inches:

Click on the link below that corresponds to the number of square inches displayed on the calculator.

Stickers 5 or less square inches.

Stickers 6 to 9 square inches.

Stickers 10 to 16 square inches.

Stickers 17 to 27 square inches.

Stickers 28 to 40 square inches.

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